What is 360TenX?

Our patent-pending technology and method have been helping Chicagoland renters since 2015. Let us connect you to landlords who embrace this new concept.

We are a mission-driven team that’s reinventing the rental industry to help Chicagoland Renters use a simple and transparent rental process. We’ve created an income-based renter-to-landlord matching service that helps renters get rental offers to lease apartments.

Why you’ll love our process:

● Save money! We charge only 1 application fee to find multiple landlord offers
● We don't pull credit to preserve your credit score!
● You'll be pre-approved before you see a unit so you don't have to waste time going there if the landlord doesn't want to rent to you
● You pick the area where you want to live and we'll look for an offer in your budget
● We can also work at your pace, fast or slow, our service is customized for you!

How long does this appointment take?

Approximately 30 minutes.

How long does it take to find an offer?

Approximately 5-7 days, results vary, and can be as fast as the same day!

Who will I be meeting with to sign-up?

One of our expert team members will guide you through our process so you can get an offer and meet with a landlord to interview.

What happens at my in-office intake appointment?

We help you complete a simple 3 step process!

1. Distinguish. One of our local 360TenX team members will call you to help you through our process. Our goal is to impress you, so you can see for yourself how our service goes beyond the traditional apartment finding service.
2. Explore. We want to learn about you - where you are in your search and what you’re searching for. After a short exploratory conversation, we’ll mutually decide if this service is right for you.
3. Start. We’ll let you know if there’s anything else you need before we start a targeted search. We’ll pitch your Profile to landlords meeting your criteria. Our network is comprised of more than 30,000 Chicagoland landlords and growing weekly; we’re sure to find a landlord meeting your needs.

Want to know where you’ll qualify to live?